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For only 48 hours the Design Sprint Facilitator toolkit is available for a special price of €248.5. This is your chance to make winning more consistent and easier. 
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400+ Comprehensive Presentation Slides

This comprehensive toolkit is a precise, yet customizable, pack used by the world's leading Design Sprint Facilitators to make each day a success. Use it and you'll not only spend less time out of the office, you'll also produce the results to get enthusiastic buy-in from the top.

In-Depth Agendas & Phase-By-Phase Checklists

Step-by-step guides and checklists for every phase, including what to focus on and when, and the group dynamic you'll need to create for a team that wins. Now you'll always have the answers, no matter what the problem.

The Only Design Sprint Brief You'll Ever Need

For a project to be a success, it has to kick off successfully. Expectations need to be clear. Onboarding needs to inspire. Our Design Sprint Brief gives you paint-by-number instructions so you can be the battle-hardened veteran (even when you're not).

Replay Momentum Slides

Often overlooked by new or overworked Design Sprint Facilitators. This pack let's you tell the story of your design sprint to highlight your team wins for stakeholders and keep momentum rolling at the hand-off.  

Trusted By The World's Biggest Brands

We’ve trained 1500+ Design Sprint Facilitators from bright spark enterprises who needed to get it right the first time to Fortune 500s with enormous expectations to meet.

This toolkit is your life saver when...

⟶ You're just starting out and need tried and tested facilitation materials, so you don't  look like an amateur and lose your team's confidence. 👨‍💻

⟶ There's no time for you to draft 300+ facilitation slides - not unless you sacrifice your social life and spend all weekend at the office. 🤦‍♂️

⟶ You've already drafted your own toolkit, but you're ready to level-up, impress and get the credit you deserve. 

Who is already winning with it?

Innovation Leads

Looking for proven templates to add to their arsenal, so they can focus on huge results!

Product People

Who want easy-to-implement, step-by-step guides for discovering what works.


Who are tired of the same old internal arguements, and who want to get the project rolling.


Wanting to upgrade their toolkit 
and boost their career by running 
great design sprint sessions.

Business Owners

That don't have time to sit on 
ideas; who needed to know it'd work 
yesterday rather than tomorrow.

Innovation. Design Sprints. Training.

We're the leading, in-person design sprint agency on the planet, guiding teams and world-class companies to get the results they need.

Based in Berlin, as the official Google Chapter, and running design sprint communities in 10 countries - we've helped  1500+ innovators discover new, successful ways of working and facilitating change within their organisations. 


Design Sprint 3.0

Our toolkit is now part of the day to day innovation process of  global organisations - like RGAX and Which?

Google Global Chapters

in Berlin and London - currently opening 10 more international communities

Design Sprint Certification

We run the only design 
sprint certification 
program on the planet

Industry Renown

Keynote speakers at the only Design 
Sprint Conference in the world 
organised by Google, on topics like 
Design Sprint 3.0 and Problem Framing

1500+ Trained Facilitators

Years of experiencing training 
over 1500+ facilitators means 
we know exactly what you need
 to get the best from this toolkit

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EXTRA BONUS - Free Enrolment To Industry Recognised Certification

Because we're all about making sure you're completely prepared to own your next design sprint, we're giving you the chance to prove you've got the right knowledge to become a certified design sprint facilitator.
This offer ends on  01.05.2020.

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Get everything you need in one click

You don't have to flail around guessing (often wrongly) at what to do next. You will be able to focus on the documents that are proven to get results,  and you will smash your targets in record time.

Make your sprints succeed

The Design Sprint Faciliator Toolkit has all the easy-to-follow instruction - the recipe -  you need to make every sprint a success. Just grab the toolkit and run with it today. There's no learning curve. No training needed.

Get the Design Sprint Facilitation Toolkit for only €248,5

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What do I actually get?

You get access to the methods that are currently helping Google innovate.

We've documented all the proven processes we've developed over the years, then refined and improved them for this kit.

And, you get unlimited access to them all to help you run your succesful design sprint.

  • Comprehensive 400+ Facilitation Slide Deck - This collection of facilitation slides lets you focus on results by giving you the processes you need.

  • In-Depth Daily Agenda - In your Daily Agenda, you'll get daily step-by-step guides - including how to set up your space, what to focus on during the exercise and what type of group dynamic you'll need to create - to make sure you've always got the answers, no matter what the problem.

  • Detailed Phase-By-Phase Checklists - These aren't just the same old amateur checklists anyone can grab from the internet. Each checklist is used by us with our current clients and means you'll never have to worry about missing a step in the process

  • The Only Design Sprint Brief You'll Ever Need - One brief to rule them all. Seriously. This sprint brief - created by us - is now used by some of the world's leading innovation companies. The quick way to inspire and motivate your team. 

  • Reply Momentum Slides - This is what is often forgotten by new or overworked Design Sprint Facilitators. This pack let's you tell the story of your sprint to keep your momentum going.  

  • Free Access to The Design Sprint Certification Online Exams - Worth €79 - The industry-desired certificate you get from successfully completing these exams proves you have complete control of every sprint you're part of, which helps instill confidence in you throughout your business.

Can't I just find all these resources online for free?

The short answer: NO. 

Until this moment, the tried-and-tested toolkit you'll get were purely Design Sprint Academy' internal documents and templates used by our seasoned Design Sprint Masters while facilitating their own sprints.

All materials are original and have never been shared before. They're the result of years of successful design sprints all over the globe in everything from insurance, banking, oil and gas, consultancy, health, retail, fashion and car manufacturing. 

How does the investment work?

It's simple. The investment is made upfront and securely using Stripe. You can also use PayPal credit if you're in a region where this is supported.

Or you can make the investment via invoice by sending your company details to