DSA Remote Sprint Kit by Design Sprint Academy

Help your team work faster, collaborate smarter and stay focused while working remote.

Introducing the world's best Remote Sprint Kit, created by seasoned facilitators for facilitators.


the challenges of remote collaboration with thorough team onboarding


your team to thrive while collaborating online with a smart digital sprint room.


remote sprints that get the results your business needs with a Remote Replay Report

Who will benefit from the Remote Sprint KIT?

Design sprint facilitators, team leads
Get maximum value from their remote sprints with our modular sprint plan that cuts the prep time in half and use detailed agendas to guide their teams through every phase of your remote sprint. 

Designers, UX & product professionals
Unlock their team's potential for creative collaboration in a digital sprint room that makes remote problem-solving fun, efficient, and effective. 

Consultants & Freelancers 
Offer their clients a cost-effective framework for remote solution-building that adapts to their specific needs.

Kit Highlights

Modular sprint plan & agendas

A flexible sprint plan with detailed agendas that break your sprint down into manageable work sessions with a balance of online and offline tasks.

Complete digital sprint room

12 digital whiteboards in Mural & MIRO that guide your team through the sprint process and enable efficient, productive ideation.

Sprint Replay Report

An easy to customise sprint report that allows you to tell your sprint story and synthesise your sprint data into a format your stakeholders will understand.

DSA Remote Sprint Kit

The fail-proof way to take your sprints online!

Plan > Prepare > Run > Report.

New to remote sprints? No sweat. Our Kit breaks down your facilitation duties into 6 manageable phases, with all the supporting materials and guidance you and your team need each step of the way.

What's inside the Kit?

The Remote Sprint Kit consists of two main components. A Remote Sprint Playbook and supporting materials. Together, they give you everything you need to plan, prepare, run and report a remote sprint.
Scroll down to discover what's inside.

Remote Sprint Playbook

Think of this as the instruction manual of your Remote Sprint. It breaks your sprint down into 6 manageable phases, coaching you step-by-step through each task so that you can facilitate with confidence. It does all the heavy lifting, freeing you up to focus on what matters most: your team. 

Remote Sprint Plan

A 5 day sprint structured to accommodate the slower pace of remote work, with a modular format that allows you to adjust your sprint period to suit your teams availability.

Includes alternating sessions of online and offline activities to keep your team comfortable and focused.
"The preparation was stellar, with multifaceted design activities that kept us on track towards our goal."
Katie Lernihan - Business Development & Pre-Sales

Digital Sprint Room

A complete digital workspace made up of 12 interlinked boards  set up and ready to go. What's more is that we've designed our boards so that they double as both activity and presentation boards, meaning you don't have to switch between apps. 

  • Boards for each sprint day & session
  • Tasks laid out chronologically 
  • Think-spaces for each team member
  • Boards for house-keeping, on-boarding and user testing
  • Mural & Miro versions

"Excellent experience despite the challenge of being remote. First time using Mural templates and loved it! Simple and very effective."
Ronan O'Connell - Senior Director of Advanced Analytics

Remote Sprint Brief

A detailed brief template that frames your sprint clearly and keeps everyone tightly aligned with objectives and outcomes right from the start.  

Includes sprint challenge, problem statement matrix, daily agendas and research review. 

Daily Agendas

Ready to use, minute-by-minute agendas that show you how to put together each day of your sprint. Also includes agendas for onboarding and meetings.

Can be used as-is, or as a foundation  to create your own program. 
"The daily agendas were well structured yet flexible enough to adjust. As a team member the experience was challenging, inspiring and fun!"
Stephen Jung - Globalization Services Project Manager

Team Communication Templates

Effective communication is critical to remote sprint success. With this in mind, our Kit includes 18 easy-to-customise communication templates to keep everyone in the loop. Includes templates for:
  • Team briefing  
  • Daily kickoff
  • Scheduling experts and test users 
  • Onboarding
  • Sprint roundup 
  • Stakeholder communication 
  • Daily retro  


Staying organised and detail-focused can be a challenge when conducting the "big picture" work of a design sprint. With this in mind, we created 19 detailed checklists, conveniently organised according to the phase of your Remote Sprint. Makes staying on top of your tasks a breeze!

Sprint Replay Report

Wondering how best to share your sprint results and explain your solution to stakeholders? Look no further.

The Sprint Replay Report is a comprehensive 50 page report that allows you to document your design sprint in detail so that anyone external to the process can easily understand your process, its outcomes and next steps.  

Delivered to you in Keynote or Powerpoint, with easy to follow instructions that help you customise your report using the data from your Digital Boards.

"The Replay Report definitely exceeded expectations! It is without doubt a great asset for me to get alignment."
Cameron Rouse - SAP Labs Lead

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See how our Kit compares

Take a look at a side-by-side features comparison between us and two of the industry's leading remote sprint resources. 

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Preview > Planning & Onboarding

In our webinar: "How to run remote design sprints" we are sharing ways to structure and plan the sprint to accommodate busy schedules and different time zones, as well as best practices for onboarding the sprint team members.

You asked. We answered.

Can I use this kit if I’ve never run a design sprint?

No. This kit doesn’t teach you the design sprint process. It provides those who are already familiar with the process with the right tools to explain the concepts, conduct the exercises and structure the sprint within a remote context. 

How do I receive my Kit?

Once you've purchased your Kit, you will be taken to a download page. Your Kit consists of two components: A Remote Sprint Playbook, along with a number of supporting materials. Download the Playbook first, and read the Orientation chapter, which will tell you in detail how to download the rest of you Kit. 

What if I don’t use Mural?

It's no problem if you've never used Mural before. We provide you with clear instructions on how to download and install your Mural boards. We also include Mural tutorials and on-boarding exercises in our Facilitation Guide in case you or your team need further assistance. 

Will there be a Miro version available soon?

Yes! On August 1st we launched the MIRO version of our digital workspace. 

Why does the Kit contain digital boards for each work session and not each Sprint day?

For two reasons. Firstly, while it is totally possible to put all the activities for one day on one board, we found that many elements on one board make Mural and Miro more prone to freezing and crashing. We therefore broke each day up into work sessions, with boards for each. Secondly, as we designed our Sprint Plan to be modular, having boards for each session allows you to easily split your sprint over a longer or shorter time period, rather than having to come back to the same board a few times. 

Surely I can find these templates online for free?

Unfortunately not! Every part of our Kit has been built from scratch based on our years of experience as facilitators and educators, and tried and tested with real clients. It is possible to find other guidelines and articles that give suggestions for how best to run a remote sprint, as well as some elements that will help you. But there's nothing that lays it all out, paint-by-numbers style as we do. For a full comparison between our Kit and other guides on the market, go here.